The girl who was once from NYC unintentionally transplanted to the sticky trap of the CT countryside nearly three decades ago. Teacher, singer, writer, photog. Dancer along the path through the dark.
~May words and music and laughter light the way to kindred spirits, kind of heart~
Also a Mommy. That's the most important thing that's happened along the way, but not what this blog will be about.

Words and music and more brought to you by merisongbird.



time time time, the lyrics that run through my head, and as I drove this morning, that little bit of extra sleep had cleared my head a bit, 

the time to breathe and be in the sunshine of the moment as the sun was shining down on me

to stop and wonder wearily too often/empty spaces

all the words that ran around inside my head as I began to feel alive for moments here and there, today

I lost so many (as my father said would happen if I wrote my poems in my head but didn’t write them down)

to drift a bit, to HAVE the time to sit and sip and think of time…

shadows and sunlight, familiar scenes

another day and night go by,

and I wake up heavily

with wonderings—

the crisp of coming autumn breezes

still summer for a few brief days

and every morning/blessed thing

to strive to keep some faith

to let it go and all the while

to work at something/everything

to find our way

On Thursday

blues and greens, a morning’s hue

I prayed for rain to match my mood

and try to wrap around the sun

to let the shine pour through me

The funny thing about transparency is that it’s so transparent. You just have to know what to look for. And once seen (and known) cannot be unseen (or unknown). And so it’s there, plain as day. The games people play.

That Kind


What kind of love
do you want?
That all-encompassing,
That won’t last, dear,
when it’s 5.30pm
on a Tuesday afternoon
and you’re at the petrol station
and you just filled up
and you’ve forgotten your purse,
you’ll want the love
that makes someone
leave their house or job
and bring it to you.
That kind.

( *merisongbird added a note: I love this poem. It’s so true. Plus it made me laugh. BUT, I guess I want both, all rolled into one person. I guess that’s pretty funny, too.)