The girl who was once from NYC unintentionally transplanted to the sticky trap of the CT countryside nearly three decades ago. Teacher, singer, writer, photog. Dancer along the path through the dark.
~May words and music and laughter light the way to kindred spirits, kind of heart~
Also a Mommy. That's the most important thing that's happened along the way, but not what this blog will be about.

Words and music and more brought to you by merisongbird.




I decided not to participate in the writing challenge this month simply because I dislike pressure. I have enough in my life, and don’t want to take things on I can’t live up to in the quality and caliber I would prefer. I do think, though, this month I have determined a possible format for the book I began last year and have been quite remiss in attending to. When will I get to it, write it all, and finish it? Don’t know. Do I still plan to find a way to bind and publish some poetry first? Probably. But, it’s nice to see so many of my fellow writing friends, you of prose and poetry, challenging yourselves. I look forward to reading the products. : )

Meanwhile, I will (also) quietly go on with my life in the teaching world, the Mommy world, the on-my-own world, the music world—where and when I can manage that. I will hope and dream and try not to lose faith in myself and maybe most importantly I will try to remember to keep my big boots on in case I have to navigate past the shit that can get tossed in the pathway.

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