The girl who was once from NYC unintentionally transplanted to the sticky trap of the CT countryside nearly three decades ago. Teacher, singer, writer, photog. Dancer along the path through the dark.
~May words and music and laughter light the way to kindred spirits, kind of heart~
Also a Mommy. That's the most important thing that's happened along the way, but not what this blog will be about.

Words and music and more brought to you by merisongbird.



Write a little bit to say I love you

to carve perfection from the nothing in the air of words and stars

and strings that tug your heart 

and keep your misty memories

the warmth of all of that like the shadows that play on sun drenched rocks

shade and bright

the day and night

that plays you in my arms

In My Cotton and Boots

mornings that slowly awake

with the sweet little sounds

I unfold bit by bit

look not too far ahead

but just peek at the length

settle into routine

all the rituals done

thinking this is my life

(but last night I had dreams where I laid on the ground

and I thought about you far away

I wore cotton and boots

and i stared at the sky

in my dusty bright nowhere

someone there by my side

…feeling this is my life)

Happy Birthday Gene Kelly. Childhood crush.

Happy Birthday Gene Kelly. Childhood crush.

You always find what you were looking for when you’re not looking for it. Most of the time it’s that missing sock, or the salt grinder that’s reusable and already filled with pink Himalayan salt to match the pink Himalayan salt you bought thinking you had a reusable salt grinder a few weeks ago (annnnd you didn’t). But rarely is it the things you feel a need for deep in your soul. 

Tonight I’m sad I hurt my hand so badly last weekend, some irreparable damage it appears, and have had to put some parts of my life so important to me, on hold for the time being. And I’m beyond sad that my cat died. And maybe because of all of that I am sad about the loss of my marriage tonight. I see all the reasons why we never worked. But I am still sad for the loss of the parts that did. I am looking for peace but having a hard time finding it. Tonight. 

It appears this will be an excellent day to focus on the beautiful things in my life, and read.

It appears this will be an excellent day to focus on the beautiful things in my life, and read.