The girl who was once from NYC unintentionally transplanted to the sticky trap of the CT countryside nearly three decades ago. Teacher, singer, writer, photog. Dancer along the path through the dark.
~May words and music and laughter light the way to kindred spirits, kind of heart~
Also a Mommy. That's the most important thing that's happened along the way, but not what this blog will be about.

Words and music and more brought to you by merisongbird.



What makes me want to write 

to tic the words off like seconds on a clock

and round the right way

or wound (or wound) I wonder some days…

the gulf so wide, the sands so much

and the longer I travel 

the farther away

Over a hundred years or more

and these are some of the things I’ve learned:

be kind, take pictures, laugh often and keep good company close to your heart

find ways to be honest—always

do your best and forgive as much as you can

everyone wants to have fun and some people are better at it than others

don’t put people down for being different 

if you don’t like someone stay away don’t cut them down

don’t build yourself up on someone else’s misery

we are always learning

be the beautiful person you are because that’s the best gift you have to give to yourself and everyone else

and so much more of words and wisdoms gleaned from books and talks and songs and pictures and people and life that’s raced by

slow down and savor moments as they come to you

and love

Sunday morning wonderings

and peeks at leaves, their colors growing

changing over, getting ready to just let go and fall

my coffee cup is still the same

the coffee on another day

the sleepy brightness filters in

and I continue wondering

it doesn’t matter how often you rationalize, some things will always bring that pain

and stepping backwards isn’t in the cards

so listen closely to the sounds around you

let the silence creep beneath your skin

know that you are stronger than the mountains

you are water, waiting to begin

running freely—clear and clean and sweet

elemental beauty not for show

all the stones and rocks can’t trip you up

kiss the past goodbye and let it go

Write a little bit to say I love you

to carve perfection from the nothing in the air of words and stars

and strings that tug your heart 

and keep your misty memories

the warmth of all of that like the shadows that play on sun drenched rocks

shade and bright

the day and night

that plays you in my arms

In My Cotton and Boots

mornings that slowly awake

with the sweet little sounds

I unfold bit by bit

look not too far ahead

but just peek at the length

settle into routine

all the rituals done

thinking this is my life

(but last night I had dreams where I laid on the ground

and I thought about you far away

I wore cotton and boots

and i stared at the sky

in my dusty bright nowhere

someone there by my side

…feeling this is my life)